Love and Giving, Presents and Presence

Rains are over mojita.jpg

I learned recently that there is a difference between a gift and a present.

For a present, you have to be present, to PREsent it. And of course, presence---really being available and attending to someone--really hearing them-- is the best gift of all. In fact, I believe being present is an act of loving. 

With Spring coming soon we humans are somehow designed to rise with a fullness in our hearts. Have you ever felt so overflowing that you wanted to exclaim that joy and love to the Universe? Perhaps this is behind one of our human needs to devise a concept of God---as a receiver of our joy, our gratitude, our anguish. Perhaps this is why we have created holidays of love in the Spring. 

If you are finding your heart bursting forth about someone, and you would like to gift them with a present  they will look at often, and remind them of you, here are two suggestions:

The Rains are Over and Gone, and

Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart

The rains are over and gone.jpg
Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart.jpg

Consider sending a gift directly to someone whose home, office, or personal space would light up with new art! To send a gift, simply fill in the recipient's mailing address in your order form. Contact me with any questions.

May your springtime be filled with love and gratitude and joy and good friends.


Rabbi Me'irah