Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky

As an artist and rabbi, Me'irah brings depth and beauty to her Judaica paintings.  She embarked on serious study of her Jewish heritage as an adult, enabling her to bring a mature perspective to the sacred canon. Her mission is to provide what she calls "Visual Access to Sacred Texts" by means of engaging illuminations which have the power to enhance spiritual life and Jewish connection.  

In Rabbi Me'irah's words, "The many profound texts in Judaism challenge us, deepen our understanding, reorient us, and infuse our lives with purpose and meaning.  My hope is that my art invites you to 'live inside the Jewish paradigm' which has so enriched my own life." 

Rabbi Me'irah has worked as an artist, clinical social worker, congregational rabbi, teacher, and a hospital and hospice chaplain, all of which are reflected in her art.  Her influences include Ze'ev Raban, Alexander Bilibin, and William Morris, as well as the medieval scribes who illuminated prayer books and bibles with ornamentation and gold.  She is an ardent proponent of hiddur mitzvah, the holy work beautifying a mitzvah. In this way, she honors the Great Mystery which satisfies our longing for nourishment of the soul.

Academic credentials 

BA, Psychology from Antioch College, 1980

MSW Portland State University 1984

MA Hebrew Letters, and title of Rabbi, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College 2007


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