"A treasure, both visually and verbally..."

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Mapping the Journey: The Mourner & The Soul

"A treasure, both visually & verbally. Its images and words evoke and invite in a way that is both simple and deep--a powerful combination."  Clare Ronzani, Spiritual Director, Roman Catholic

"I gave it to a friend. She took the book to a week-long church camping retreat. She said she never had the time she wanted to spend with it because every time she took it out, someone wanted to see it, and then they read it and someone else, and so on." Wimsey Charrington, Jewish  Health Care Provider

Mirror of Sightings

Mirror of Sightings

All of us are touched by death. If you don't know what to say when someone dies, give them a copy of this book. 

Buy it  HERE .

Buy it HERE.