Abraham the Meditator

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Abraham the meditator.jpg

Abraham the Meditator

from 125.00

“And God appeared to him as he sat in the opening of his tent in the heat of the day.”  

Genesis 18:1

This illumination is a great choice for those who trace their spiritual ancestry to Abraham, or are named after him; for those who visit the sick, and parents awaiting a child, or those who want their home to be a welcome place for guests. (How does this image work in all these situations? Read below.)

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From his tent doorway, Abraham runs to meet three passers-by, hurries to have Sarah and his servant prepare a lavish meal, and encourages these visitors to stay a while, sit in the shade, wash their feet, and “have a morsel of bread.” This is our model for welcoming guests! But a lot more is happening here! The guests turn out to be angels, announcing to Abraham and Sarah, that even in their old age, they will bear a child. This scene takes place right after Abraham has circumcised himself. Thus it is from this passage we learn to visit the sick, following after God’s example of visiting Abraham when he was not feeling well. 

The Fabric Banner option comes in one size: 13 x 19" and without gold embellishment.

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