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Dying to Know--Peninsula JCC

As part of the Dying to Know event  at the Peninsula JCC, Rabbi Me'irah will be presenting "Mapping the Journey of the Mourner/Mapping the Journey of the Soul" 3:15-4:40 PM (Note: There has been a time change. This is the correct time.)

 In the Jewish tradition, the mourner's progression through time is ordered and ritualized. But did you know that the journey of the soul also has a progression? We will look at a "map," and see if we can find where the mourner (you, perhaps?) might be, and where the soul might be, and where and how you might meet. To register call 650-378-2703. The event is free. Course code is 47592. The overall "Dying to Know" event is from 12:30-5:30 PM.